Amazon reigns as de facto e-commerce synonym nowadays. Consumers go Amazon marketplace because of its fair product quality, vast catalog choice, and convenient shopping experience. However, many products on Amazon are still overpriced subject to operating expense and merchandise life-cycle. Amazon sellers also desperately expect more diverse channels to reach out to their customers in order to:

  1. promote their newly launched products
  2. celebrate special events
  3. liquidate quickly and economically their stores, such as overstocked and off-season products.


Similar to popular brick-and-mortar off-price retailers, e.g., TJ Maxx and Nordstrom Rack, we see as an online, off-price marketplace. Therefore, our mission also is to deliver best products and shopping experience to our online customers. We also offer a rapidly changing assortment of high quality, fashionable, brand name, and designer merchandise at prices generally 10% to 50% below Amazon's prices on the same merchandise.  All merchandises on are available on Amazon, while we offer competitive price and shopping policy. 

We are a group of experienced Amazon sellers and online payment experts. We aim to reduce operating cost and maximize buyer satisfaction and help sellers create more sales. We use advanced natural language processing algorithms and software technologies to simplify commerce flows,  from product listing, checkout experiences, shipping, and return authorization. We have specialties in marketing. We explore and exploit traditional search engines targeting one-time sales, as well as leverage social media promotions targeting loyal customers.

We are running a win-win-win business only for a sustainable profit. It is a huge win for buyers because of our lower prices for Amazon products. It is a zero-risk, zero-effort funnel for veteran Amazon sellers to expand their sales.  It makes our community less wasteful, because we help find right consumer for each good product.