Leeb Hardness Tester RHL80 with DL Impact Probe

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The Unique design portable metal hardness test of the RHL80 convinces with precise measurements on most metals. It offers the same features as the common hardness test but also allows user defined hardness conversions. It helps you handle the testing with only one hand. Features: ◆ Customize curve for a specific testing material ◆ Can test multi-metal material, high accurate and stable. ◆ Easy converts to all common hardness scales (HV, HB, HRC HRB, HRA, HS). ◆ Upper and lower limit of hardness can be preset; ◆ When the tested value exceeds the limits, alarm will send out automatically to make convenient for the requirements of batch measurements. ◆ Back light display has been used to make convenient for the use in poor light. ◆ Large memory of up to 1000 sets of data and time ◆ Rechargeable Li-Ion battery with no memorability ◆ With RS232 interface, multiple communication modes are adopted to meet customized requirements of various users. ◆ Power continuous working period: Approx 100 h (no back light on). ◆ Software of PC can be installed according to the requirements of user, the function will be more powerful to satisfy the more strict demands of quality control and management. ◆ LCD display of 128×32 matrix is used. menu operating is easy and convenient.