Portable Leeb Hardness Tester RHL40

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1.1 Features l LCD display of 128×64 matrix is used. l Converts to all common hardness scales(HV, HB, HRC, HRB, HRA, HS). l Material of "cast steel" is added; HB values can be read out directly; l With USB interface connecting to PC, multiple communication modes are adopted to meet customized requirements of various users. l Equipped with 7 types of impact devices which need not to be recalibrated when changing them, the system can identify the type of impact device automatically. l Max 600 groups(impact times:32~1)of data can be stored at internal non volatile data storage. l Upper and lower limit of hardness can be preset; When the tested value exceeds the limits, alarm will send out automatically to make convenient for the requirements of batch measurements. l Back light display has been used to make convenient for the use in poor light. l Test values software calibration function. l HB values can be read out directly when D/DC impact device is used to measure “cast steel” work piece. l Working votage: 3v. l Continuous working period: around 200 hours (without backlight). l Software of PC can be installed according to the requirements of user, the function will be more powerful to satisfy the more strict demands of quality control and management. l Dimension: 155x76x32mm 1.2 Main Application and Testing Range 1.2.1 Main Application l The assembled machinery and permanently installed parts l Die cavity of molds l Heavy work piece l Failure analysis of pressure vessel, steam turbo-generator set and other equipment l Narrow testing space where work piece installed l Bearings and other parts l Cases which require the test result with normalized original recording l Material identification of the metal material warehouse l Quick tests of large range and multipoint measuring positions f